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Calculation of radiation characteristics according to EN 410, EN 673, EN ISO 52022-3 and ISO 15099 / ASHRAE.


WINSLT® is the software solution for calculating light, solar and thermal characteristics of glazing in combination with solar shading.
In a short period of time, any structure can be created and calculated according to the following standards:

  • EN ISO 673 -> Ug value
  • EN 410 -> g value, Reflection, Absorption, Transmission
  • EN ISO 52022-3 -> gtotal value
  • ISO 15099 / ASHRAE -> Ug value, SHGC value, Reflection, Absorption,

The software certified by ift Rosenheim also creates a declaration of performance and a CE marking for the glazing.


  • Extensive database with various products from international glass and sun
    protection manufacturers
  • Import of own spectral data
  • Boundary conditions according to EN ISO 52022-3, ASHRAE or freely definable
  • Calculation of arbitrary disc structures
  • Representation of the temperature curve across the cross-section
  • Calculation of reflection, transmission and absorption
  • Preparation of a declaration of performance and CE marking for any glass
    structures in many language versions