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The professional statics software AGSB according to ÖNORM B 3716 contains all necessary calculations and load assumptions. With AGSB glass can be statically dimensioned according to ÖNORM B 3716, all loads to be considered such as snow, wind, dead weight, traffic loads or climate-related fluctuations in air pressure and temperature are checked during the calculation. Stress and deflection are compared with the permissible values and displayed on a clearly arranged printout.


The software solution „GLASGLOBAL® AGSB“ includes the following features:

  • Horizontal and vertical glazing, fall protection, walk-on, walkable and trafficable glazing
  • Determination of the glass thickness and calculation of the static proof according to the valid standards
  • Wind and snow loads and local heights by postcode or local name
  • Automatic glass thickness optimization
  • Determination of vision shortening
  • Verification of the load on the edge seal
  • New: Latest versions of ÖNORM EN/ B 1991-1 and ÖNORM B 3716
  • New: New mathematical calculation kernel
  • New: Multi-user capable: Several editors can work on the same database

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